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RS-650M Manual Paper Gluing Machine

Machinery & Hardware, Food, Commodity, Shoe, Chemical, Medical, Textiles, Apparel, Leather Belt
Manual Paper Gluing Machine
Transport Package
Wook Carton
Driven Type
Automatic Grade
Gluing Mode
Wheel Gluing Machine
Packaging Material
Glue Type
White Glue
Service Location
India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa
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RS-650M manual paper box gluing machine


Technical Parameters
Model RS-650M
Max paper size: 80-600mm
Surface paper thickness: 80-200gsm
Power: 0.37kw 3.37kw
Speed: 25m/min
Dimension: L1750*W710*1200mm
Machine weight: 180kg

Gluing machine is one kind mainly used in printing the high-quality goods boxes and cartons, also to the tissue the leather, the corrugated paper glue special purpose equipment, as well as with a variety of fiber paper.The machine transmission adopts stepless speed regulating, and the speed can be adjusted according to different paper, the glue plate rises and falls, and other structures, each shaft uses stainless steel, is suitable for different thickness of paper.Therefore, its outlook is exquisite. It has stable performance, sensitive transmission, low noise, high efficiency, low labor intensity status merit.Meantime, the company develops the heating gluing machine according to the hot melt glue; it can heat with hot melt glue and environmental friendly glue.


  1. It is mainly used for the gluing of different thickness of paper in package printing, paper box,carton and cover industry.
  2. The machine is in compact construction, precise manufacture,stainless steel material, which is resistant to corrosion.
  3. The glue is thin and uniform, high efficiency, adjustable speed,low noise.