Rigid Box Machine

RS-650AH Behind Suction Feeding Automatic Gluing Machine

Behind Suction Feeding Automatic Gluing Machine
Transport Package
Wooden Case
Driven Type
Automatic Grade
Gluing Mode
Wheel Gluing Machine
Packaging Material
Glue Type
Hot Melt Adhesive
Service Location
India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa
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RS-650AH automatic paper box gluing machine is a new designed rigid box line which is available for making high-grade boxes for shoes, shirts, jewelry, gifts, Phone, etc.


Technical Parameters
Model RS-650AH
Max paper size: 580*800mm
Min box size: 100*200mm
Surface paper thickness: 100-200gsm
Precision: ±0.5mm
Heater Power: 6KW
Conveyor length: 5meters
Air supply: 10L/Min  0.8Mpa
Speed: 28sheets/min
Dimension: L6000*W2800*2500mm
Machine weight: 1200kg

This machine has an indirect heating and temperature control system, which can be applied to the place where the working environment is low. The system models can be assembled into various forms of assembly line according to the needs of the product. This machine can be applied into folders, file boxes, clothing box, shoes box, hardcover and other products. This machine has high efficiency; adaptabolity, hot meltadhesive, glue, latex can be used. Variable speed, no wear, no deformation, feeding, high precision.


  1. The feeder in this machine adopts back-push feeding system, which is controlled pneumatically, and its structure is simple and reasonable.
  2. The width between stacker and feeding table is adjusted concentrically in the center. The operation is very easy without tolerance.
  3. New designed copper scraper cooperates with the roller more compactly, effectively avoiding paper winding. And the copper scraper is more durable.
  4. Adopt imported ultrasonic double paper tester, featuring in simple operation, which can keep two pieces paper from entering into the machine at the same time.
  5. Automatic circulation, mixing and gluing system for hot-melting glue. (Optional device: glue viscosity meter)
  6. The vacuum suction fan under the conveyer belt can keep the paper from deviating.
  7. The paper and cardboard inner box employs photoelectric sensor and servo motor to spot correctly.
  8. The wrapper can continually wrap, fold ears and paper sides and form in one process.
  9. The whole machine employs PLC, photoelectric tracking system and HMI to automatically forming boxes in one process.
  10. It can automatically diagnose the troubles and alarm accordingly.