Rigid Box Machine

RS-650AB Front Suction Feeding Automatic Gluing Machine

Machinery & Hardware, Food, Commodity, Shoe, Beverage, Textiles
Front Suction Feeding Automatic Gluing Machine
Transport Package
Wooden Case
Driven Type
Automatic Grade
Gluing Mode
Wheel Gluing Machine
Packaging Material
Glue Type
Animal Glue
Service Location
India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa
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RS-650AB automatic paper box gluing machine is a new designed rigid box line which is available for economic standard


Technical Parameters
Model RS-650AB
Max paper size: 80-600mm
Surface paper thickness: 80-200gsm
Heater Power: 7.45KW  380V
Conveyor length: 5meters
Air supply: 10L/Min  0.8Mpa
Speed: 7-40sheets/min
Dimension: L6350*W1850*1100mm
Machine weight: 1200kg

RS-650AB Automatic Gluing Machine and Auto-feeding Gluing Machine is a transferring type of paper upper-side gluing equipment. It is characterized by rational structure, stable performance, convenient operation, easy replacement, and low-labor intensity. It adopts hot-melt adhesive powder to avoid traditional white emulsion from shrinking and mildew. It is an ideal equipment for medium and small sized printing packing plants to make flow line production. Adjustable gluing drum to make the glue spread out on the surface of the paper. Suction sending device to transfer the paper stead and not slant. Circular glue groove attached to indirect heating and temperature control system can guarantee the adhesive degree of the glue. Set time to heat that enhance production profits, circular cleaning system makes the machine cleaned within 2 minutes. Frequency speed adjustment, that controls the speed according the workers skillful degree.


  1. This gluing machine is a transferring type of paper upper-side gluing equipment, combined with many-year experience on packing machinery, designed along with the needs of the clients.
  2. It is an ideal equipment for medium size printing packing plants to make flow line production.
  3. It adopts heat fused adhesive powder to avoid traditional white emulsion from shrinking and mildewing.
  4. Adjustable gluing drum to make the glue spread out on the surface of the paper.
  5. The conveyor has a draft fan and keep the paper transfer from deviation.
  6. Temperature control system in glue tank can guarantee the viscosity of the glue.
  7. Time controller for pre-heating and to enhance production profits.
  8. Circular cleaning system makes the machine cleaned within 2 minutes. So it is very convenient.
  9. Speed adjustable according to skillful degree of the production worker.
  10. It is characterized by rational structure, stable performance, convenient operation, easy replacement,and low labor intensity.