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RS-350FG High Speed Slitting And Rewinding Machine

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RS-350FG High Speed Slitting And Rewinding Machine

product introduction

One researched new product, mostly is used for slitting narrow roll material, it is for top high level market with full servo driven system, typer tension system, top brand web guiding, turret rewind, it can meter and number counting, static eliminator, no material no working etc.

Performance and characteristics

  1. Web guide control by EPC SYSTEM.
  2. Rewind is turret type, auto rotate.
  3. With full servo motor(4 servo motor)
  4. Sensor use germany sick brand, it can meter counter and quantity counter.
  5. with PLC, touch screen control system

Technical Data

model RS-350FG RS-450FG
Max. Slitting speed             350 m/min                       
Max web width 350mm 450mm
Min. Slitting width                16mm
Cutter installed                8 sets
Max. Unwinding Dia                700mm
Max. Rewinding Dia                500mm  
Air supply                0.8mpa
weight                 1200kg
Dimension(L*W*H)           1850*1200*1300