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Real Star Die cutting and creasing machine is special equipment for creasing and cutting ordinary cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic and leather in general, applicable to printing packaging decoration and plastic industries. It can effectively cut the desired material into large numbers of the same shape. The machine is characterized by compact structure, fine workmanship, and high precision.

Model Inner chase size Speed Max.rule length Motor power Machine  Weight Overall dimension(mm)
203 930*670mm 23±3 Strokes/min <25m 4kw 3200kg 1700*1620*1600
720 720*510mm 25±2 Strokes/min <15m 2.2kw 2000kg 1500*1400*1300
750 750*520mm 25±3 Strokes/min <15m 2.2kw-6H 2000kg 1500*1400*1300
1100 1100*800mm 20±2 Strokes/min <32m 4kw-6h 4500kg 2100*1950*1750
1200 1200*820mm 20±2 Strokes/min <35m 4kw-6h 5000kg 1960*1860*1750
1300 1300*920mm 15±2 Strokes/min <40m 5.5kw 5600kg 2200*2200*1750
1400 1400*1000mm 15±2 Strokes/min <45m 5.5kw 6200kg 2200*2200*1750
1500 1500*1080mm 14±2 Strokes/min <45m 7.5kw 7000kg 2500*2200*1750
1600 1600*1250mm 13±2 Strokes/min <50m 11kw 12000kg 2500*2200*2000
1800 1800*1280mm 13±2 Strokes/min <62m 11kw 14200kg 2520*2900*2340


  1. Sliding bearings are made of high quality alloy cooper, thus to get effect of anti-friction and shake reducing.
  2. Flywheel is with big moment of force and heavy pressure.
  3. High strength due to one piece casting by using top-ranking material for machine frame.
  4. Single plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable.
  5. Operating position is reasonably arranged, moving-bed can be opened to its optimum.
  6. Safety system is reliable.
  7. High quality material and high tension of casting
  8. Four-shaft bevel wheel structure with steady operation, great cutting, low noise.
  9. It has three functions for single sheet slitting, continuous slitting and adjustable delay range.


  1. Uses centralized lubrication pump system with copper pipe(optional manual pressing pump/automatic timing control pump)
  2. Electrical system is designed according to IEC standard.
  3. Strengthened construction ensures smooth operation and long service life.
  4. Equipped with an active plate frame makes it convenient to install die cutting rule and adjust pressure, producing clear and beautiful results.
  5. Equipped with infra-red light safety device (hand guard…)
  6. 4 options for emergency stopping when operator in dangerous
  7. Emergency breaking operation can save the wasting of paper