Paper Bag Machine

Paper Rope Coiling Machine

Paper Rope Coiling Machine
Glue Type
Cold glue and Hot melt glue
Bag Type
Paper Bag
Service Location
India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa
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This machine is made of the twine coil to coil, round into a large spinning mechanism with arms around the hand holding the release paper twine smoothly to arm in arm into a paper bag.


  1. Adopt torque motor to coil ropes evenly.
  2. The finished rope coil has goog appearance and weight up to 20kg.
  3. Easy operation and maintenance. Low noise and high efficiency

Technical Parameter:

Type RS-R
Max.Wire coil diameter 500 mm
Wire coil Width 450 mm
Wire coil diameter 3-5 mm
Max.Speed 150 m/min
Total Power 2.2 Kw
Weight of Machine 200 kg
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 1000×800×950 mm

Finished picture


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