Paper Bag Machine

Paper Handle Brush Glue Machine

Paper Handle Brush Glue Machine
Glue Type
Cold glue and Hot melt glue
Bag Type
Paper Bag
Service Location
India Turkey Egypt Algeria Kuwait Qatar France Myanmar Vietnam also South Africa
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The machine is to make the paper handle to brush glue, through the conveyor belt, the manual can be attached to the paper bag.


  1. Simple operation, low noise, high efficiency and simple maintenance.
  2. The glue position is controllable and the glue is uniform.
  3. Adjustable speed and free speed

Technical Parameter:

Type RS-3000
Max. handle height 180 mm
Brushing glue Width 10、20、30 mm
Max.Speed 20 m/min
Total Power 250 w
Weight of Machine 400 kg
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 3550×700×1000 mm

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