Advantages Of Paper Bag Making Machine

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Full Automatic Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine,is suitable for the massbag production, it is the first choice of medium and top grade handbag device. This product adopts mechanical, electricity, light, gas integration technology is, combine a number of its proprietary technology, uses the paper as raw material canle finish: paper feeding positioning, die - cutting tube forming, gusset forming bottom opening, bottom cardboard inserting and bottom gluing automatic, Seamless viscose(hot melt adhesive), then compaction output adopt the PLC programmable control, more centralized control and single point remote control operating. Our product is character by good quality and high efficiency, its technology ranks leading  level in dometic similar products.

  • Fully automatic paper bag making machine 
  • Automatic sheet paper feeding 
  • Creasing function included
  • Top folding  
  • Cold and hot melt gluing system both
  • Tube making 
  • Whole punching function
  • Bottom openning and card insert 
  • Bottom closing and pasting ! 
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