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Paper Handle making Machine (Hot melt adhesive type)

machine was developed specifically for the new generation of paper Handle Machine. This machine is sandwiched between two layers of kraft paper rope middle, after gluing, lamination, and then automatically cut into a single handle. Paper bag machine is the ideal complementary product lines.

1.use Hot-melt glue not falling.
2.easy to operate, fast.

Technical Parameter:

Type LRP-H        
Handle Spacing (W) 45 mm 63.5 mm 79 mm 95 mm 110 mm
Paper Board Length(L) 95 mm 127 mm 158 mm 190 mm 222 mm
Paper Board Width(h) 30-40 mm        
Rope Diameter(D) 3-5 mm        
Rope Height(H) 100 mm        
Max.Speed 300 pcs/min        
Paper Thickness 80-120 gsm        
Paper Roll Width 60-80 mm        
Max.Roll diameter 1000 mm        
Reel inner diameter 76 mm        
Total Power 8 Kw        
Weight of Machine 1500 kg        
Overall Dimension(LxWxH) 4200×1300×1500 mm        

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